Reflection XXX

When I have said and done all I could say and do, when the time comes for me to relinquish my final breath, or to have it taken from me, let it be known that it will matter little what opinion I have of myself, or what the opinion of others may be. For when that time comes the only opinion that matters – the only judgement of relevance will be that of God. Whether this causes great fear and trembling, or breathes comfort and calm, I know that despite my many errors I have loved God and he has loved me.

Reflection XXIX

See the fear, the anger, and the violence inside of yourself. They are part of your nature, and so you must know them. When you know them well then you will be able to conquer them with your will. Know your enemy, know yourself.

Reflection XXVIII

While you should not ignore your own desires, and your base nature, you should consider the other; How your actions, your words, your display of emotions may vex them. There exists a  difficult balance between iconoclastic self-denial and the awareness that comes from love for your neighbour.

Reflection XXVI

Pope Benedict XVI has said “Christian holiness and rectitude do no exist in some superhuman greatness or in some superior talent. Christian faith is properly the religion of ordinary people. It comes about in obedience that places us in God’s disposition, wherever he calls.” Beauty is in the simplicity of love, the act of sacrifice and obedience. I desire this simplicity.

Reflection XXV

Who am I that I should learn anything, or know anything? To what ends should I want to know it? If I am simply curious, do I do wrong by being selfish? While nature makes us curious, conviction makes us good, and I’m convinced that it’s not enough to know something. No, rather I must act on my knowledge, and use it as a tool to enrich the lives of others.

Reflection XXIII

Violence is a natural effect of physical beings. Just as we touch, embrace, and join with each other as ultimate expressions of love; we are also prone to hurt, maim and kill each other as ultimate expressions of anger. While it is of great importance that we discipline ourselves to control these actions, it is of much greater worth to avoid anger altogether, and thus mitigate the fundamental reason for our violence.

Reflection XXII

The insanity of man is that we’re all doomed, at one time or another, to give up greater things for lesser things – often forsaking much of what we love and desire the most. To us, the insanity of God is that he should love us, despite this, and constantly work at mending our madness.

Reflection XXI

Life is not a game, and the interactions we have with people should be respectful of that fact. We are all much more than we seem to be; beautiful creatures of divine essence. So treat your neighbour with this in mind, lest you lessen yourself as well.