The Greater Good

Call me, call me out of desert
Oh summon me forth, into wherever
For I have lost sight of the direction
And while my burdens took flight, I lay entrenched there

Now I see how blind I’ve become to it all
That agony, can be so close to comfortable

Follow me, my life is honour
My solemn duty is to protect her
My blood for the world, Oh what a kindness
If only this thorn, would end the life I live

and now I see how blind I’ve become to it all
That agony can be so close to comfortable
That I’ll ever wanted was two spirits holding on
That sacrifice and paradise could be one

If only I could taste it
If only I could breathe it in
Oh how I would fall
And forget the throne of God
Unless it were the call
That I should give my life for one


This is probably, one of the more confused pieces I’ve written, but it ought to be that way in a sense. The whole song sits with the question: What is the greater good? How do I participate? Do I separate myself from the world, or am I to enjoy it as others do? What happens when mortal pleasures overcome our will for goodness; or the contrary, when we abandon all and miss out on the joys this life offers us? If anything, this song is meant to show that to my mind, such questions are not simple, and that there is always a balance that must be sought, because too much of one will certainly mean abandoning my God given nature.

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