Chasing New Experiences

Some of my closest friends have, at times, confronted me about my sporadic desire to try new things. One of my pals even wrote a list of all the various hobbies that I have, or rather the things that I currently wanted to do. I won’t lie, the list was extensive, and there items on that do not have the faintest of relations to one another. There’s an idea that maybe I’m spread too thin, and that prevents me from giving sufficient focus to any one thing – and by extension, not really getting much done.

… But I don’t think that’s true. I stumbled upon a youtube video by zefrankenfriends that echoed some of what I feel about my hobbies, as well as encouraged me to keep doing the things I love. The fact is, I’m still fairly young (at the time this post was authored), and I’ve got some time yet before I settle down. However, life is short, and there is so much that I would like to see and do, that I’d just regret it if I passed up an opportunity. Also, while I’m still so young, I’ve probably got more youthful energy, and mental plasticity that I should cram as much as I can in now while I should!

That said, I wouldn’t want to ignore the concerns of my peers. So it’s important to be critical about one’s goals. What’s the cost, and is it really reasonable to do it now? What are some intermediary things I can try that will determine whether I like that activity or not? Can I turn this into a productive outlet?

For example, I’ve wanted to travel to Bolivia & the Middle East for some years (the relation is they both have deserts). Well, why haven’t I gone?! Cold hard cash, and the unallocated time off. And for me that’s just a reality. Giving up my job, or not paying my bills to go on a trip is simply fool-hardy. Especially since I could benefit from some sick trips later on if I stick around.

It doesn’t always mean you have to wait around though. I’ve wanted to make salami for about 2 years now, but there’s some special equipment, ingredients and knowledge necessary. So in the interim, I decided to learn how to cure some simpler things like beef jerky, and worked my way up to making sausages. It’s not salami – yet, but the learning process has been great, and I haven’t spent a mad amount of cash doing it!

The point is if you’re anything like me, I’d like to encourage you to try new things, but don’t bite off more than you can chew. You may not like every crazy idea that pops into your head, so start small and simple. Curiosity is one of the best human attributes, and we should, as much as is reasonable, pursue it to the maximum.

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