A Dichotomy of The Human Mindscape

Any one who reads my reflections would get the sense that I value reason above a good many things. I try, rather stoicly, guide my actions through my rational “directing mind,” as Marcus Aurellius would say. However I’m often confronted by the simple fact that despite desiring for much of life to boil down to some logical decisions, I am often faced by the feelings I have about things (or the lack therefore). At times, I have disdained the concept of emotion;  it’s messy, complicated and has a knack of landing us in the worst of states.

But the essence of humanity is a beautifuly complex mosaic in which both reason and emotion reside. To ignore one, and in my case the latter, is to miss out on the artwork. I’d like to admit that this concept is a confusing one when I actually think about it. How can I do both? Of course, naturally I do, but it often seems like a struggle of will. Is one better than the other because they feel more, or because they think more? It’s unclear, and perhaps that is also part of our mosaic – that we express differents points  of that spectrum.  Hopefully I can learn to respect those who think differently than I, especially those who think more with their hearts than their minds.

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