Further Lessons From Brokenness

As I reflect during a time of intense emotion, and resolve what I must do, I contrast what I desire, with the contents of my heart and the ailment of my body. I am now the combination of chance and choice, but mostly the latter. I believe many a thing about what inner strength is, and I am postulating that there is yet another lesson here: brokenness need not be defeat.

I believe that being vulnerable is a sign of emotional strength, and to lay one self bare does take courage; or at least for me, resolve. But to simply do that and let myself be defined by that brokenness is destructive. You do not better yourself in such action, unless it becomes the opportunity for you to fill those gaps. But no useful thing has ever been always under construction. It is built, used and repaired – all for the cycle to begin again.

Another thing: I often think of brokenness like shattered shards of jars of clay. Well perhaps the goal is not to be simply shattered and mended, but to not be a jar. Be malleable, but strong, ready to be crafted into something more than the dust from which you were wrought.

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