Finding Elysium is, simply put, an online aggregation of my thoughts, my ideas, and my travels. In this day and age, it is quicker and easier to keep data floating on the internet, then to record all I desire into books (which I cherish).

I do this for primarily, because I have desires common to many men – to not fade silently into hateful darkness. I would, for my own memory, keep a record of what I have done so that I can learn from it in my years to come. I keep it also for I hope to one day have children of my own, and I would like for them and their children to know who I was simply, and to correct any mis-information they may have.

That said, this blog is divided into 4 parts. Reflections are generally small, bit-sized ideas that can be summed up in a few sentences. None of them descriptive of an entire topic, simply a small thought. Poetry is fairly self-explanatory and it encompasses both the music that I write, and simple poetry. Confessions are some of my most inner criticisms, and an expression of the more negative aspects of myself. These, if anything, are really intended to display my humanity, my error and my imperfection. Last, but not least is the uncategorised section, which is most of my ideas, discussed, written out and somewhat developed.

Come as you might, read as you desire, and if it pleases you, enjoy.


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